Clockwork Alchemy

Yes! A great event.


I never did make it to Exo-Suits in April, but I will finish the A to Zed of Jhrin in time.

Most of April and May was spent in preparation for Clockwork Alchemy, one of the most author-friendly steampunk conventions out there. I attended in 2013, and was so inspired that I was manning a table with my own first novel on it, and teaching panels in 2014. Truly awesome stuff! We have a full author track every year with everything from how to work with an editor, write a limerick, build worlds, beat NaNoWriMo, to the Science of Airships, and writing with Hot Potatoes! We had over 30 hours of panels this year alone.

In addition to putting out new editions of my annual scandal sheet, the Blackfriars Courant (all the news that’s unfit to print, or what really happened in all the novels and short stories the Clockwork…

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Not one but TWO anthologies

The folks at Thinking Ink Press are releasing two of the anthologies I helped create! They are reissuing Twelve Hours Later, the first book of the Later trilogy, and they are publishing Some Time Later, the third book of the trilogy. The Later books are charity steampunk anthologies that I edited. I also contributed stories.

Some Time Later at TIP

Some Time Later: Fantastic Voyages in Alternate Worlds will be available soon through booksellers in print and e-book editions and at Clockwork Alchemy 2017. Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to local literacy programs.

NaNoWriMo2016: winner!

Winner 2016 - Square

I took part in my second NaNoWriMo this November, hoping to get a big chunk of Sand and Bones drafted and I made it to 50,464 words! That makes me a winner. See above.  <grin>

I did NaNoWriMo in 2014 to draft The Archimedean Heart and it went really smoothly. This time, it was an absolute slog. The NaNoWriMo web site tracks your daily progress on a chart and  mine was pretty telling. A week of hitting the daily word count goal then plateauing out for a couple of weeks. This meant that I had a lot of catching up to do. The last week was intense. I wrote 4,000+ words on a couple of days and boy did I feel it. My neck and shoulders are still sore!

I still have to write another 20-30K words which means I’m aiming for a busy December.

Thirty Days Later for 99 cents?

The most recent anthology I edited, Thirty Days Later, is on sale for 99 cents right now! The publisher, Thinking Ink Press, is running the sale through September 6th.

If you’ve been holding off on getting Thirty Days Later, now’s your chance. The anthology has thirty stories featuring among other things a Sasquatch governors, cursed netsuke, and a mechanical heart.

The authors are all based in California and Washington, including alt-history great Harry Turtledove.

30DL Kindle cover thirty copy


Diversity in fiction is crucial in creating a society where everyone is seen, heard, and respected. How does an author know how to write about people different from oneself?

Empathy. It really boils down to empathy.

Brandon Taylor wrote a beautiful essay about this.

My favorite quote:

There can be no story without empathy. Our stories begin because we are able to enter the lives of other people.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor.

Winner CampNaNoWriMo 2016!

2016 CampNano CNW_Winner_150

I made my word count goal!

I didn’t aim really high for July but I did it: 9,000 words.

That included my mostly finished drafts of my stories for Some Time Later, the new Treehouse Writers/Thinking Ink Press anthology and a whole bunch of character sketches for my next novel Sand and Bones.

Speaking of which, I am well underway with plotting and planning Sand and Bones. I’ll get it written between now and the end of November (NaNoWriMo once again!). Hopefully it will be edited, revised, and published by next May.