Making an old story your own

Andrea Lundgren wrote an interesting piece about turning an old story (and aren’t they all?) into something fresh and yours.

I think the crux is really finding something new to add to the story, say a different perspective.

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4 Methods For Creating Character Names

I am a bit obsessed with character names.

A Writer's Path

by Ryan Lanz

A common question I hear tossed about is how to create character names. Some writers find this simple, and yet others struggle with naming every single one, particularly concerning the main cast.

In this post, we’ll talk about tricks and tips for creating character names, and perhaps we’ll bring some ease to the process.

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Short Story Writing Contest! $250 Cash and Prizes Worth Over $3,200

Short story writing contest, open-ended.

A Writer's Path

Hi all! I’m excited to announce A Writer’s Path’s first writing contest. We have an excellent panel of 5 judges and 6 sponsors, and we’re looking to make this a large event.

Writing contests are a great way to gain experience and have the possibility of winning cash and prizes. For the winners, it’s also a great thing to add to your writing resume.


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The Clockwork Oracle is live!

My latest story, “Prophecies of an Electric Man,” has been published! This short novella appears in The Clockwork Oracle, an anthology released by L.E.G.

The Clockwork Oracle Cover Concept.graffle

The Clockwork Oracle Amazon listing is live.

My story in The Clockwork Oracle is set in the world of The Roboticist of Versailles. The main character (the Roboticist of Versailles herself) is Adelaide Coumain, one of the leads of The Archimedean Heart. This is my fourth story featuring her. I love Adelaide. She’s definitely got a lot of me in her. She is a lady-scientist in a field dominated by men so she has to push back to not be trampled.

In this story, Adelaide is still trying to get her Automated Dauphin to function and the appearance of a stranger with a mysterious device diverts her in a new direction.

I will have paperback copies of The Clockwork Oracle for sale at Clockwork Alchemy in Burlingame, CA, March 23-25th.

Having multiple projects going: good or bad?

I lurked on the NaNoWriMo forums and Scribophile a lot last year and plenty of writers talked about having multiple writing projects going at once. I hadn’t really tried that before. I finished writing and editing the Archimedean Heart before starting on Sand and Bones. I worked on Sand and Bones during the 2016 NaNoWriMo challenge and then took 9 months to finish it.

I then wrote a novella for an anthology (The Clockwork Oracle).

The revisions to Sand and Bones sat waiting.

I hadn’t planned to do the 2017 NaNoWriMo challenge but this idea just niggled at me so I wrote 51,000 words about Idonny in her flooded tower block.

The revisions to Sand and Bones sat waiting.

November ended and now I had three active projects. I hadn’t finished Idonny’s story (The Hollowness), I had a deadline for revising the novella and yes, the revisions to S&B sat waiting. And did I mention life?

Some people say they like having multiple projects going. It helps to switch when one isn’t going well. Me, I just feel guilty. I have abandoned poor Idonny in the middle of a scene, with her boyfriend bleeding to death on the floor of her flat in favor of revising and deepening Elsie, Clara, and Nne-Ala’s stories. I’ll be back, Idonny, I promise. I’ll get you out of there. Eventually.