Is it time for Camp NaNoWriMo already?!

Here I am on the eve of Camp NaNoWriMo and I am NOT ready for it. I’ve spent all of June researching book #2, Sand and Bones, but haven’t done a lot of actual plotting. I’ve learned a lot about the Bahamas in the early 20th century and a bit about Western Esotericism. I’ve done some highly questionable Google searches (global distribution of the Psilocybe mushroom for instance) and developed some fun, (mostly) biologically & historically correct tidbits. I’ve even got some character sketches and a meta-plot. But the scene by scene plan? Nope.

So I scaled back on my word count plan for July. I’m just not a pantser. I can’t convince myself that leaping into the abyss of novel creation will actually WORK for me. I am committed to finishing the prequel stories (for entry into the next Treehouse endeavor, Some Time Later: Exploring Alternate Empires) during Camp NaNo and I will get started on the novel but I’m not going to commit to a huge word count.

Oh and if any of my author friends would like to be in my Camp cabin, shoot me an email.

A successful book launch

Just back from a weekend of selling books (YES! I sold all my physical copies of The Archimedean Heart!), chatting with artists, authors, and musicians, listening to amazing live music (and dancing my feet off) and generally having the Best Time Ever at Clockwork Alchemy (the best Steampunk convention out there) so I’m exhausted!

Book launched. Time to start the next one. 🙂

Research is fun

I’m having a great time researching my next book. Part of why I love writing alt-history is that I get to find out all sorts of amazing things that really happened and turn them into a story.
This new work is set in the Bahamas in 1908 and it is a fascinating time period. I even bought a history book about it. 😉
There was a huge divide between the white Colonials and the people of color who while emancipated, really suffered from poverty and racism. They had a rich culture which I hope to bring out in an engaging fashion, while being respectful to the people.
I’m totally being a history nerd, plus, since it’s fantasy, I get to read folklore. I love folklore and fairy tales.
I just discovered that in Bahamian legend, a monster called the Lusca lurks in the blueholes (beautiful water features caused by collapsed limestone caves), ready to snag people with her octopus-like tentacles and eat them with her shark mouth. This fits in perfectly with my cultists who worship a sea monster.

We are happy to welcome Harry Turtledove into the treehouse!

I’m very pleased to not only be an author rubbing shoulders with a famous author but also the chief editor of the anthology.

Welcome to the Treehouse!

Thirty Days Later, the latest anthology including many Treehouse Writers, will be released on May 28th, at the Clockwork Alchemy convention in San Jose, California.
Joining this merry bunch is alt-history giant Harry Turtledove. Mr. Turtledove attended Clockwork Alchemy last year, selling books and giving presentations. We asked him if he’d be interested in contributing to the anthology and he agreed!
For a full listing of all the authors of Thirty Days Later, go to The Authors of Thirty Days Later

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