Who IS BJ Sikes?

Originally from London, England, I currently reside in Northern California with my family. I write historical fantasy/fiction, often with a steampunk twist. My debut novel, The Archimedean Heart, was released in May of 2016. The story continues in a short novella in the anthology The Clockwork Oracle. The sequel to that novel is percolating. Working title is The Vitruvian Mask.

I am in the midst of shopping my second novel, Escaping Andronicus (historical fiction) and sitting on the first draft of a third, The Hollowness (YA cli-fi/solarpunk).

I am also the chief editor and contributor to a series of three alternate history/steampunk anthologies: Twelve Hours Later, 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery, Thirty Days Later, Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time, and Some Time Later: Fantastic Voyages through Alternate Worlds. The anthologies feature characters from my novels and give some back story or continue a character’s arc.

In my day job, I write and edit scientific publications. I’m married to a novelist/freelance editor and our children are learning to compose their own fiction.

I like words.


Contact me at bjsikesauthor@gmail.com

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