Ways to Remain Loyal to your Novel, When Inspiration Strikes

When the plot bunnies are bounding around in your head and you need to actually FINISH that novel/screenplay/other long writing project first, try these techniques. I particularly like the idea of writing a short story based on the shiny new idea. It takes less time away from my big project but I capture the feel of the new idea.

Uninspired Writers

Writers find ideas everywhere. They pop up seemingly out of nowhere, and you can often find yourself brimming with inspiration. When this happens, it can be hard to focus on your work in progress. It’s so easy to become gripped by the excitement of a new idea. As such, I’d like to share someways to remain loyal to your WIP, when inspiration strikes.

Write down new ideas in a separate notebook
I am in support of ignoring the shiny new idea, until your current project is complete. But that doesn’t mean you should shut it down completely. Jot down every idea, and store it away for another day. Writers write, after all, and you’ll want those ideas for projects in the future. Keep them in a separate notebook, so you’re not tempted by then, but keep them all there. The act of writing them down will stop your mind from resurfacing…

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