Using Real Life Experiences in Fiction

I think using real life experiences as a seed to inspire a story can be powerful.

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Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today with more of my thoughts on writing.

“Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Probably everyone has heard this quote or some variation. If you google for who wrote it, you’re not likely to get a definitive answer. Some say it was Lord Byron, while others attribute the quote to Mark Twain.

Even Tom Clancy got in on the game when he said:

“The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.”

Clancy was right. Truth is often strange, and life doesn’t always make sense. There are some things we can’t make up.

I’ve been a people watcher for years—long before I became a writer. Sitting in a crowded shopping mall, airport, or restaurant is at the least entertaining. Last year, I wrote a post about how we can use observations for story ideas.

But we also have our own experiences. And yes, some…

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Steampunk, still at it?

I just got back from Burlingame, California (near San Francisco) where I attended a delightful steampunk event, Clockwork Alchemy. I’ve been to this convention for quite a few years and the costuming on the attendees always delights me. I did mention that I loved dress up, right? There are always way too many things to see and do, so needless to say, I missed a lot. One thing I didn’t miss was the Fashion Show because I got tapped to model an amazing gown created by the Clockwork Alchemy Fashion Guests of Honor Karin and Adam Lidl. I seriously did not want to give that outfit back. And the hat was completely adorable. I wish I had a photo of the back of the skirt. So. Many. Pleats. I could go on for days about this outfit but here’s a pic instead.

s 1880s gown, Lidl creation

I saw some new faces at Clockwork Alchemy this year, which gives me some hope that the steampunk fun will continue for many years!

In other happy steampunk news, author Kristen Brand, who has some beautiful covers for her steampunk books, has a new publisher.

Hoping her new publisher doesn’t change those lovely covers…And CONGRATULATIONS, Kristen, for getting them re-published!

It seems as if the steampunk genre still has some interest.

My apologies if you’ve clicked the link to buy The Ghost Machine or Clockmaker recently and found that the books have vanished from Amazon. They’re unavailable at the moment–but don’t worry, they’re not gone for good. They’ve been picked up by a publishing company and are getting ready to be republished–yay!! I’m thrilled that they’re […]

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