What is Solarpunk?

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of Solarpunk for a while. My new story, Riverhag, (which will appear in an anthology soon) is set in a flooded S.E. England 500 years in the future. Thinking about the themes and feel of the story, Riverhag is sort of a Solarpunk fairytale.

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Play like a girl: Challenging gender stereotypes in spec fiction

Some great examples of challenging gender stereotypes, especially of female-identified people.

mikhaeyla kopievsky

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Today, I’m launching a dystopian anthology with eleven other indie authors. On the Brinkfeatures some amazing stories and most of them feature protagonists that are female, flawed, and ferocious. It got me thinking about my own posts on the subject of gender in speculative fiction and I realised that I never posted the guest post I published on Amid the Imaginary. So here it is in all its glory for you to read:

Challenging the Collective Identity

Just a little while ago, on 14 July, I released the second book in my Divided Elements series, Rebellion. I thought it was kind of fitting that Rebellion was published on Bastille Day, since it is a dystopian tale of revolution set in a post-apocalyptic Paris. Interestingly, 14 July is also celebrated as International Non-binary Day – which similarly held a nice symmetry, since my book is centered on…

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