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by J. U. Scribe What’s your favorite genre? For some it’s romance, others it’s fantasy, sci-fi, or maybe a mystery/thriller. For those that know me well I enjoy reading a variety of genres, so it’s hard to pick one genre over another when I enjoy different books spanning across the many genres of fiction. However if you were […]

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I love reading historical fiction and it’s true that if the author hasn’t researched properly, it can be jarring. I’m one of those readers who tuts at too-modern dialogue or morality. So I knew going into the writing of <i>Escaping Andronicus</i> that I’d better do my research. It did help that early 20th century Bahamas is not well-known because I knew not too many people would catch my mistakes. Then again, finding references was really hard.

Got Books to Sell? Try These 22 Book Marketing Tips – by Frances Caballo…

You wrote that book…now get it into the hands of readers. Do you know your target reader?

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How many book marketing tips have you tried?

Probably every single one that you’ve read about, right?

What makes book marketing so tough isn’t that you run out of ideas to market your books. It’s that you have so many different plans.

Well, if you want to make it as a writer, get ready for the marathon of writing and marketing. You’ll always be doing both from now on.

To make life easier for you (or harder?), I’ve assembled a checklist of my top book marketing tips for you.

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The Best Writing Prompts To Help Spark Your Imagination – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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via The Best Writing Prompts To Help Spark Your Imagination – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

I love writing prompts. I can’t say that any of my books were created from a writing prompt but I do use them to get my writing going. I’ll choose a writing prompt, fire up Write or Die, set it for 20 minutes, and go. I get some…interesting…pieces. Most will never be shown to anyone. Some make me laugh.

Re-titling Sand and Bones

Book titles are funny things. The title should encapsulate an entire novel, be unique, and be concise. It’s not easy to come up with a title. I struggle with every book I wrote to name it with the Most Marvelous Title Ever. Or at least one that doesn’t suck.

Book # 2 was called Sand and Bones for the last couple of years. I thought it was the perfect blend of spooky and evocative. Tropical island was the Sand and the murder and peril was the Bones.

And then came the Beta Readers. I asked them what the title made them think of. Almost everyone said something about archaeologists and dinosaurs. <facepalm>

Right, back to the drawing board. I enlisted my lovely beta readers and writerly friends to help me brainstorm and distill the essence of the book.

What is it really about? It’s about Clara’s journey into and out of a cult, the Order of Andronicus. A title including something about Andronicus would be appropriate and it even hints at the name of the island she’s visiting, Andros Island. Plus it includes the root word for man and since this IS somewhat about a woman finding her own power and getting out from under a man’s control, Escaping Andronicus seemed to fit nicely.

Oh and a note about Andronicus: it comes from the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus in which the titular character serves parents a pie made from their sons. While there isn’t exactly cannibalism in my book, there is a certain similarity. No spoilers. The Titus Andronicus suggestion came from my dear friend and fellow author Dover Whitecliff.

There we have it, Sand and Bones is now Escaping Andronicus. Until someone else tells me how that title completely doesn’t work!

How do you come up with titles for your work? Any tips and tricks? Please comment below!