Are you writing the wrong genre?

Since embarking on a sci-fi dystopian novel, I wonder about my “usual” genre of historical fantasy. Yes, I love to read historical fantasy but is it the right one for me?

<wrings hands>

A great read about the subject: via Admitting You Are Writing In The Wrong Genre #SundayBlogShare #writers

Making your historical characters sound right.

Ms. Spruzen talks about techniques to make sure your characters sound like they live in the era you’re writing about. Nothing throws me out of a historical fiction story more than modern dialogue.

via …Authoress friend, Dorothy Anne Spruzen, illustrates how easy it is to misuse ‘period’ WURDS…

The Clockwork Oracle is live!

My latest story, “Prophecies of an Electric Man,” has been published! This short novella appears in The Clockwork Oracle, an anthology released by L.E.G.

The Clockwork Oracle Cover Concept.graffle

The Clockwork Oracle Amazon listing is live.

My story in The Clockwork Oracle is set in the world of The Roboticist of Versailles. The main character (the Roboticist of Versailles herself) is Adelaide Coumain, one of the leads of The Archimedean Heart. This is my fourth story featuring her. I love Adelaide. She’s definitely got a lot of me in her. She is a lady-scientist in a field dominated by men so she has to push back to not be trampled.

In this story, Adelaide is still trying to get her Automated Dauphin to function and the appearance of a stranger with a mysterious device diverts her in a new direction.

I will have paperback copies of The Clockwork Oracle for sale at Clockwork Alchemy in Burlingame, CA, March 23-25th.