1st draft of Sand and Bones is done, y’all!

I finished the first draft of my “fantastical history with a touch of heartbreak” novel Sand and Bones today. PHEW. Just over 72K words about Elsie (the maiden), Clara (the mother), and Nne-Ala (the crone) on an almost uninhabited island in the Bahamas. There’s also a monster. And a cult.

My current elevator pitch for this book:

In a 1908 unlike ours, a young English girl and her family are summoned to join her father on an almost uninhabited island in the Bahamas because he needs his wife’s gold and his children’s blood.

Yesterday, I read an interesting article by an agent on Mythcreants and he presented lists of subgenres that were “hot” or “cold.” Guess what? Alt-history is apparently cold.

<head bangs on keyboard>

I might need to rework that elevator pitch. So, historical fantasy? LOL.

This may be a moot point. I have a long way to go before this book is ready to publish and I will more than likely self-pub again.

On to revisions. My editor awaits.