Is it time for Camp NaNoWriMo already?!

Here I am on the eve of Camp NaNoWriMo and I am NOT ready for it. I’ve spent all of June researching book #2, Sand and Bones, but haven’t done a lot of actual plotting. I’ve learned a lot about the Bahamas in the early 20th century and a bit about Western Esotericism. I’ve done some highly questionable Google searches (global distribution of the Psilocybe mushroom for instance) and developed some fun, (mostly) biologically & historically correct tidbits. I’ve even got some character sketches and a meta-plot. But the scene by scene plan? Nope.

So I scaled back on my word count plan for July. I’m just not a pantser. I can’t convince myself that leaping into the abyss of novel creation will actually WORK for me. I am committed to finishing the prequel stories (for entry into the next Treehouse endeavor, Some Time Later: Exploring Alternate Empires) during Camp NaNo and I will get started on the novel but I’m not going to commit to a huge word count.

Oh and if any of my author friends would like to be in my Camp cabin, shoot me an email.