Research is fun

I’m having a great time researching my next book. Part of why I love writing alt-history is that I get to find out all sorts of amazing things that really happened and turn them into a story.
This new work is set in the Bahamas in 1908 and it is a fascinating time period. I even bought a history book about it. 😉
There was a huge divide between the white Colonials and the people of color who while emancipated, really suffered from poverty and racism. They had a rich culture which I hope to bring out in an engaging fashion, while being respectful to the people.
I’m totally being a history nerd, plus, since it’s fantasy, I get to read folklore. I love folklore and fairy tales.
I just discovered that in Bahamian legend, a monster called the Lusca lurks in the blueholes (beautiful water features caused by collapsed limestone caves), ready to snag people with her octopus-like tentacles and eat them with her shark mouth. This fits in perfectly with my cultists who worship a sea monster.


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